In the 90's it was “requirements analysis;” now it’s “assessment.” Still, this initial process is just as fundamental on the road to migration. Our team understands that you have a business culture, an existing architecture, and a corporate strategy. We’ll sit down with your team to absorb all of that before we even start a technical assessment.

As we work together to develop a roadmap, we’ll show you:
- Detailed business case for your cloud migration
- Strategy for governance and security
- Plan for employee training and eventual staffing
- AWS cloud architecture and operating model
- Migration plan with timeline, milestones, and TCO


At Dfuse, our established DevOps culture is the perfect pairing
for AWS solutions.

Our seamless team of DevOps engineers uses practices to truly automate processes that likely held up your progress, and they employ AWS-based technology stacks and tools that help them deliver
applications rapidly and reliably. Our DevOps approach also speeds up the testing and feedback loop.

Read more about AWS and DevOps here



Your onsite or collated security architecture will need more than a lift to the cloud; it needs a complete culture shift. We’ll look at the complete picture – weakness, strengths, operations, and your team. Dealing with gaps in security and compliance, our AWS engineers help you design, build, and migrate to a secure cloud infrastructure.

During this time, we will:
- Analyze your apps, environment, and workloads
- Customize a secure architecture to meet your budget and scale
- Implement and integrate AWS security services (VPC, CloudTrail, HSM, etc.)
- Automate continuous compliance reviews, alerts, and actions to protect against vulnerabilities


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