Automation implies repeatable processes with rapid, reliable results. For many
companies, a simple system change can still take a day, or a week, to complete – because the design and test process is slow, unpredictable, and fraught with errors.

With DevOps, we automate everything: code testing, workflows, configuration management, and the entire infrastructure. It’s infrastructure as code. For our customers that means nearly zero downtime, faster time to market, and more time spent on improving the business.


Gone are the IT days of build, test, wait, fix, repeat, and wait some more. Our DevOps approach means we offer an automated infrastructure that can be easily and quickly changed, deployed, and replicated. It’s infrastructure as code, and continuous, uninterrupted delivery of software.



Automation greases the wheels of the development pipeline. With AWS, we build
standardized, replicable, and easily-changed code into individual packages, and this amps up the automation. This container technology, such as Docker, makes it easier to deploy processes and applications anywhere on any system. Operational efficiency skyrockets – apps are portable to any system, changes in configuration are instant and error-free, infrastructure is flexible and controllable with the click of a button, and it’s all secure with features such as rule-based access and vulnerability scanning.


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